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Two fellows grew up in the mountains, and when they were grown, one of them said he was going up North to seek his fortune. The other one said he'd stay home and look after the farm and their parents. The one up North became a salesman, soon was sales manager, and then vice president and president of the company. Before long, his business was bought out by a big company out West. In a little while, he became president of the parent company.

One day he got a call from his brother on the farm, who said, "Daddy died, and the funeral is Friday."

He said, "Oh, my goodness. I have to leave Thursday for a big merger meeting in Japan. I just can't come, but I want you to give Daddy the best funeral you can get and send the bill to me. It's the least I can do."

Well, the brother did that, and in a few weeks, the successful brother received a bill for $6,000., and he paid it. The following month, a bill for $100. came. Thinking they had forgotten something, he paid it. The next month, another bill for $100. came, and he paid that one, too. When another $100. bill arrived the third month, he called his brother and asked if he knew why he was getting these bills.

"Oh, yes," the brother said, "I think I do. See, when we got Daddy all dressed up in his old serge suit in that new casket with that polished wood and satin lining, he just didn't look right, and since you said you wanted the best, we rented him a tuxedo."

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