Two old ladies

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There were two old ladies that went to lunch. one old lady said to the other "ya know i can't get any sex off of my old man" the other old lady says "no way i get it all the time" well the other old lady responds let me in on your secret? okay, she replies, go home, sit on the edge of your bed, rip off all of your clothes, and whip your legs up over your head. he won't be able to resist you. okay the other old ladie replies, i will give it a try. so she goes home sits at the edge of her bed rips off all of her clothes, whips her legs up over her head and waits for her husband to come home. suddenly he pulls in the driveway walks upstairs to the bedroom turns on the light and to his horror he replies "ethell, put on some lipstick and comb that hair, you look like an asshole.

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