Throw the Lawyer from the Train

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Two Americans, a businessman and a lawyer, were traveling on a train in Europe. Sharing the compartment with them were a Cuban and a Russian.

After an hour of travel, the Russian takes a brand new bottle of vodka out and asks if any of his companions would like to have a drink with him. All accept and so the Russian pours a drink for the other three and himself. Then he throws the rest of the bottle out the window of the train.

The American businessman looks on in disbelief.
"Why did you throw that fine bottle of vodka out the window? In the US that brand of vodka is very expensive!"

The Russian replied: "In my country we have all the vodka we'll ever be able to drink. It's one thing that we have plenty of. I'll get a dozen bottles just like it for the equivalent of one US dime."

After everyone had finished their vodka, the Cuban got out a new box of fine Havana cigars and asked if any of his companions would like one to smoke. Every one appreciating the fine aroma, etc of good Havana cigars, took one. As they were lighting up, the Cuban threw the rest of the box out the window. Again, the American businessman was astonished.

"How could you throw away such good cigars? In the US, if we could get Havana cigars like that, they would cost us a hundred dollars a box!"

The Cuban gentleman replied: "In my country, such cigars are everywhere. I can get a dozen boxes just like that one for ten cents. These cigars are every where!"

The American business man sits and ponders over what he's learned in the past hour from the Russian and Cuban. Then suddenly he stands up, grabs the lawyer, and throws him out the window, and says: "In my country..."

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